Welcome to The Green Bee Blog!

Welcome to The Green Bee Blog! It feels strange to be writing about flowers while snow is covering my lawn, but here we are. 

2020 has been a year, hasn't it? I still cannot believe that we are here, starting a business and farm plot during the year that the Pandemic took so much. This isn't a testament to us at all, but to all of you who have believed in and supported this project from it's tiny little roots. These are your flowers; your eco-system. I'm just a steward. 

Hopefully, this blog will become a place where we can learn and grow together. Flowers are a place of joy and calm. They invoke memory, feeling, heart. And their a lot of work. 

We've released our 2021 Floral Subscriptions - meaning you can buy a "share" in the harvest for the summer months. Floral Subscriptions help us finance all those off-season needs: like seeds, starter soil, grow lights, etc - and this year, as we expand operations we need you to becoming a Floral Subscriber more than ever. 


We have 2 options available this year:

1) A summer-long floral subscription for $160.00 CAD which includes 5 months of flowers. You get a $40-$45 bouquet each month, filled with the best seasonal blooms (and the bouquet costs only $32/month in the subscription!), meaning your home will be full of flowers all season, and you'll get to enjoy the highlights of each month's harvest - from tulips, to peonies, to sunflowers, to dahlias!

2) A monthly floral subscription for $90.00 CAD which includes 4 mason jar bouquets - each valued at $30 - delivered 1X per week for four weeks! You can choose this option for June, July, August, or September. These are our most plentiful months and they produce the brightest blooms. 


Thanks so much for joining us on this floral journey. We hope you are inspired by the beauty nature has to offer.