Bucket(s) 'o' Blooms
Bucket(s) 'o' Blooms
Bucket(s) 'o' Blooms

Bucket(s) 'o' Blooms

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Are you looking for bulk farm-cut flower stems for an event? Our bucket 'o' blooms offering may be right for you! Perfect for DIY bridal showers, birthdays, etc - (for when you need the flowers, but not the florist.)

Buckets 'o' Blooms are a mix of what we have blooming - we do not offer colour palette options at this time. Please order a minimum of 7-14 days before your event so that our team can plan for your order.

Flowers will be bunched in 5s + 10s, without packaging, treated with hydrating "Quick Dip". 

65 stem bucket(s) include:

- 15 stems focal (ie. sunflowers, marigolds, dahlias, gladioli, giant zinnias, asters)

- 30 stem fillers/spikes (ie. snapdragons, phlox, celosia, cosmos, statice, scabiosa, etc.)

- 20 foliage (greeneries + grasses)

Buckets will have a $10 deposit which will be returned as cash when buckets are returned. If you choose to bring your own bucket, you can indicate this at checkout.

Please indicate date of pickup in "Instructions to Seller" box at checkout.