Decorative Winter Urn
Decorative Winter Urn

Decorative Winter Urn

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Our indoor/outdoor winter urn is great for your porch decorating! 

Features winter greenery (cedar, spruce, pine) with decorative holiday branches, pinecones, and stars. 

Choose dried hydrangea (shown) OR magnolia leaves as accents. 


- Greenery + Hydrangea/Magnolia + Branches + Ribbon ONLY : $60.00

- Greenery + Hydrangea/Magnolia + Branches + Ornaments (star, pinecones, etc) + Ribbon : $80.00

Our indoor/outdoor urns are temperature safe to -5 to -10 celsius. We recommend putting the urn indoors or in a garage to protect it in extreme temperatures. 

Care Instructions: Urns have a soil base. Water 1x weekly during the winter months to keep greenery fresh.